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Cannabis is one of the world’s most widely used drugs, and only alcohol and nicotine are more common. Cannabis is usually produced from the varieties Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa or of different hybrids of the two varieties.

The most common forms of cannabis are cannabis headbanger strain buy online, which is a fermented and squeezed product, and marijuana or skunk, which are loose sprouts or leaves. It is also possible to manufacture cannabis oil. The production and marketing of cannabis is prohibited in most countries.

The genus Cannabis contains only one species, but with several identified variants. Cannabis sativa may have high concentrations of THC. Cannabis indica, which by nature had a lower content of THC than Cannabis sativa, but a higher content of cannabidiol (an isomer of THC) has been bred so that both of these substances are enhanced. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive substance that delays the degradation of THC in the body while counteracting the euphoric rupture effect. Cannabis ruderalis, also called Cannabis sativa var. spontanea, has a low level of psychoactive substances relative to the other plants in the group. It can withstand a much tougher climate and in junk environments, it is intersected with varieties of Cannabis sativa. However, most cannabis species are crossed and contain both indica and sativa genes.

A typical «joint»: hash and toasted tobacco rolled into special paper.
As a medicine, cannabis has been helpful for patients with multiple sclerosis, as the intake of THC remedies cramps. However, cannabis is considered to be carcinogenic in line with the ingredients of tobacco smoke. However, this is only the case if cannabis is consumed in smoking where the hash is typically mixed with tobacco.