Cleaning of the windows

Your windows surfaces are the first impression as well as a figurehead for your customers, business partners and your neighborhood.

Therefore, you are well advised to entrust us with your property. The regular and professional care of your glass surfaces also contributes to maintaining the value of your property.

Every order a crystal clear matter. Of course, every commercial window cleaning also includes the cleaning of the frames and window sills. Thus, you get a «worry-free package» and your money is well invested.

With our know-how and cleaning techniques, we achieve the best quality for you and, of course, streak-free. We also use high quality techniques, equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products. An example of this is our new and powerful osmosis system, which can even produce «clinically» pure water, resulting in a perfect result.

No matter if the window cleaning in your private house, in your shop, in the modern new building, office building or in the hard to reach winter garden is to be carried out — the most different glass surfaces are cleaned with the necessary security professionally. This makes us your window cleaner for private households and businesses in Erlangen, Forchheim, Bamberg, Fürth and the surrounding area.